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Dirt Masks for Your Hair Beauty

Dirt veil is an extremely compelling cure and, simultaneously earth cover is the most saving treatment. They ingest earth, clean the hair and head skin, offer volume to the hair, do not make it heavier, and furthermore they have germ-free properties. Earth for covers is weakened with water to thick cream consistency and is applied on wet hair for 15 minutes. After this time you should rub your head marginally, and afterward wash the dirt off your hair appropriately. You ought to apply earth veils double seven days to accomplish the ideal impact.

There is earth of various shadings on offer; every one of them has its own impact.

O The white earth is the best cure when balding and delicacy.

O If you have seborrhea you should utilize the green dirt.

O Red dirt dumps head skin disturbances.

clay mask benefits

O Yellow dirt assists you to battle with dandruff.

O Blue dirt purifies profoundly, it oxygenates and secures your hair.

You can make covers from dirt, or blend earth in with other helpful substances for the hair. Today I offer you a few covers of white and blue dirt.

Cover with nectar and mustard

Crush one teaspoon of blue earth with 1 teaspoon of spread, add 1 egg yolk and 1 teaspoon of fluid nectar, lemon juice and mustard powder. Blend everything, rub it into the hair roots, and decide the deposits along the length of your hair. Put a plastic sack on your clay mask benefits; cover it with fleece cloak or towel. In an hour wash your head. This veil can inhale a daily existence into the most fragile hair.

Cover with garlic

Blend the juice of 2 garlic cloves with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of blue mud. Add some water and apply it on your hair. Cover your head with a towel, and wash the veil away with warm water and cleanser quickly. This cover is useful for oily hair. It standardizes crafted by sebaceous organs, invigorates hair development and makes it sparkle.

Cover with pepper

Granulate one Bulgarian pepper of medium size, and afterward add 2 tablespoons of sharp milk, 1 tablespoon of white mud and blend it. Apply the veil on your hair; put a plastic sack on your head and a towel over it. Wash away the cover appropriately in 20-30 minutes. This cover can bring your dry and dull hair back into life.