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Why Hire a Miami Public adjuster and its essentials?

You have seen the Television commercials warning you ‘to not talk to the insurance adder’. Lawyers and Public adjuster caution the public that insurers have their lawyers fighting for them and you will need a lawyer or Public adjuster fighting for you but there is a big difference between a lawyer and a PA… Attorneys need to graduate school, attend 3 years of law school and pass a rigorous state bar exam.

During the 2004-2005 Storms the University of Central Miami received call after call from candidates, especially in South Miami, who wanted to qualify for a 3-20 license.  When callers were Asked if they had any claims experience, it was frequently true that the new candidate was likely to function as a ‘sales person’ instead of an adder, but they had a permit to solicit customers What that meant was The new licensee was going to call on disaster victims seeking to sell them on a PA company’s services. Making that sale meant that the sales person would be given a proportion of any insurance recovery. Now attorneys are not allowed to go to someone’s home and solicit customers, so the question must be raised, why does Miami allow Public adjuster to solicit customers in person Honestly, there is absolutely no great response to that question.

Disaster victims are Vulnerable and for this reason, attorneys may not engage in solicitation. Public adjuster assert that property owners want that information, but the exact same argument could be made for legal services also. As of January 1, 2009, new licensee candidates will no longer be allowed to Public adjuster miami take the state licensing exam. They will be asked to serve a 12 month apprenticeship under the guidance of a licensed 3-20 Adder. Sounds good, except there is not any requirement that any certified PA actually give an apprenticeship.

Why would a property Owner hire a PA as opposed to a lawyer Public adjuster will assert that they understand the claims procedure better than attorneys This might be true in some cases, since some Public adjuster come from an extensive claims history, however many do not. 1 thing is absolutely correct all lawyers come from extensive legal training and no Public adjuster is permitted to file a lawsuit or litigate a claim which cannot be settled. If You Are Thinking about hiring a Public adjuster, here are some tips to consider:

  1. What is the Adders training and background?
  2. What types of cases have been settled and are there any references you may contact?
  3. What complaints, if any have been registered against the adder or business?

Learn What the Insurer’s position is prior to employing a Public adjuster. If you are the insured you have an obligation to cooperate and help in the settlement of your claim. It might well be that it is possible to resolve your claim without cover a percentage to either a lawyer or a Public adjuster.

Ultimately, whether you are hiring a Public adjuster or an attorney, find out all you can about that person before signing a contract. You are your own best advocate