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What are the types of kids treatmentsin Singapore?

The enamel is strongest part of teeth. If the decay passed to the enamel itself then we should get the decay removed and fill it with cement. Then later kids dentist singapore there is dentin. If the decay reaches till dentin then we should remove the decay and fill it with cement. The decay which entered till dentin will have few symptoms like sensitivity. This is due to thermal pressure increased inside the dentinal tubules. So to arrest such type of decay we should use sensitivity pastes. The potassium chloride in the teeth of dentin will be used to remove the sensitivity. The tubules will be arrested and sealed.

Kids usually effect with cavities. That cavities should be filled with cement. In further cases when the decay reaches the pulp then we need to clean the pulp from inside and we need to remove the pulp. As the pulp is the only blood tissue on teeth this bleeds and removed completely by using the files. The files should be removed and cleaned from inside. This process of removing and cleaning all the pulp parts is root canal treatment or pulpectomy. Pulpectomy is removal of whole pulp. Placement of methyl tetra oxide on to the cavities. So we should place them accordingly. In case of pulpotomy we should remove decay on the tooth part. The tooth coronal part is cleaned with files rather than other hand instruments.