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Holistic Medicine – Main Branches to know

doctor in dallasAcupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine that is been practiced for centuries. Needles are inserted into individual body usually wrists, ankles, feet, back and abdomen at more than 350 points. The process lasts for about 20 minutes while the patient rests and then the needles are removed. Practitioners control and twirl the needles with specific methods, stimulating the energy flows and promoting healing and pain relief. Aromatherapy is the Therapeutic use chiefly of essential oils and secondary of other aromatic organic substances such as vegetable foundation oils and scented items like candles and soaps, to be able to complementarily heal many ailments and vitalize body, soul and mind. Aromatherapy is an ancient healing method. There is historical evidence that in most significant civilizations of antiquity in Egypt, Greece, Persia, and Roman, doctors cope with herbs, aromatic plants and floral water in purpose to invigorate, cure, excite and relax contributing to a greater health and wellbeing.

Homeopathy is a relatively Fresh Holistic Medicine based on the idea, a pure substance that may produce ill symptoms in a healthy person, can have therapeutic effect in a sick individual who suffers from the very same symptoms. The expression Homeopathy derives from a Greek compound word that means similar suffering and has been introduced by the dallas natural doctor. Nonetheless, the homeopathetic approach to health was first described by Hippocrates 2,500 years back. Homeopathy therapy is safe for patients so long as the subsequent two rules are followed:

  • Remedies should be provided in infinitesimal doses, so that undesirable side effects could not be dangerous.
  • Treatments should be specific to each individual, because illness is unique to the person.

There are many different, even conflicting definition of Meditation. The most usual description states that Meditation is a state of just being with no interference from the human body or mind. Free of ideas, feelings and activities, the mediator has the power to focus on the present moment of quiescence, to understand human brain’s character and to help the consciousness of each and every aspect of life. Free from any diversion to the mind, the mediator highlights mental activity and achieves personal growth. There are various kinds of Meditation in accordance with their focus and several of them are associated with Eastern Religions. Reflexology is a therapeutic Method of healing and pain relieving by devoting certain reflex areas in feet and hands. Countless nerves end in these regions and connect to glands, organs and parts of human body. Therefore, reflexologists by pressing the reflex areas, induced human body to self-correct, to prevent illness, and generally to fortify itself reaching holistic wellness.